Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Genealogy of the Blog

The thoughts of the day, scrawled out in text on the screen, groupings of characters, words, concepts, ideas, and narrative combine, producing what in the end - like a lost star in the night sky - is a mere speck amongst the multitude. Yet though so like so many others, at the same time there are none quite exact in similarity. Variation it seems, just as it exists in biology between individual species of plants and animals, is apparent all around if you look hard enough. It is this variation that enables evolution and progress to thrive.

The blog is an organism, fighting for survival in a harsh environment fraught with many perils. It is a relatively new species and like so many if its inorganic cousins, its current existence is dependent on various members of the human race, who are cunningly persuaded into performing various actions so that it may continue to be.

The experiences of the day, which would otherwise remain revolving in the mind, are somehow coaxed out. The requisite work days floating past, dreaming of the future; the little ideas that seem to pop out of nowhere, which you hope may one day actualise, though probably will just end up like the rest of them, neatly tucked away in the corner.

Thinkings from pages read at lunch and the night before, Darwin's The Origin of Species, Nietzsche's The Genealogy of Morals and at least five other books that I've started to read and then put down or returned to the library, like tonight, to test drive some more. The idle chatter of the evening news and social propaganda of commercial current affairs in the background. The all new moments from New School, the first episode from season four of Ed. The words of other blogs around the world set down by others.

All influence to the present state of things, from fingers to keys to the screen to the blog.

Nietzsche blogging, old school


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