Thursday, April 28, 2005

Guppy Tales

Was going to go down to the creek to catch some, but the guppies you find in Kedron Brook don't have the nice pretty tails like they do in the pet store. A shot of the old fish tank in one of my collection of recordings was all it took to refill my interest in keeping a small aquarium.

With partial success in breeding goldfish, I thought the live breeding guppy might be an interesting challenge. Running in from the rain to the pet store after work, I picked out a few that I liked. For now they're stuck in my tiny fighter fish tank, until I can get a replacement lid for my larger tank. Some, I've found, have a tendency to attempt an irrational leap into the unknown.

When I was a kid, we had a really old tank in the back yard in which we kept some guppies from the creek. They seemed to breed just fine, but after I while, I remember it became a little overcrowded in there and we had to let some of them go back into the creek.

Watched some of the special features from the I Heart Huckabees dvd both before and after work today. Hollywood seems so far away, out through the looking glass. I looked to my tank, trying to feel that hypnotic calmness you're supposed to get while watching fish swim, though as they gazed out through their glass walls, I couldn't help but ponder the parallels.

The little guppy tank


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