Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hey Lyla

I thought to myself that voice sounded familiar while listening to Triple J on the way home the other day. I wondered if it was actually something new from Oasis or just Liam off doing a song with another group like he has been lately.

Either way, I turned it up and enjoyed the ride back - a welcome change to some of the stuff they've been playing lately - finding out afterwards that it was in fact the new single from Oasis, Lyla out of the upcoming album Don't Believe the Truth.

Words and music by Liam Gallagher on this one, apparently giving Noel a break for a song or two on the new CD. A conglomerate of rock 'n' roll influence and a punchy beat. Killer tune.

The world around us makes me feel so small


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm digging that new Oasis song too. Nice to hear some feel-good rock'n'roll on the radio (as opposed to mope-rock and faux-punk-rock).

5/05/2005 04:31:00 pm  

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