Friday, April 01, 2005

I Wanna Be a Producer

That familiar music is playing as the credits roll on the final Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, Opening Night, where Larry finally goes on stage as Max Bialystock in the Broadway musical The Producers after spending the whole season in preparation. It's my favourite episode of them all in fact, though I can't wait to see what he comes up with in season five. I didn't really know much about The Producers other than that it was a very popular stage play written by Mel Brooks, but after watching Larry David and David Schwimmer in the few acts they did during the show, I really wanted to go and see it, though a trip to New York at the time seemed a little unfeasible.

Last year I heard that it was coming to Australia, playing in Melbourne and a friend of mine, Jerry went to see it while he was down there for a friend's birthday or something, but I figured it was only a matter of time before it came up to Brisbane. Eventually it did and a group of us bought tickets for last night's show.

I remember a little "Curb" type incident happened in the process getting the tickets. Jerry had given the money for his two tickets to me and I was going to go over and give his money along with my money to Meg so that she could buy the tickets. Now I didn't count the money Jerry gave me, but I put it in a separate section of my wallet and when the time came for me to hand over his money, there was twenty dollars short. I only had enough to cover me, so Meg said she would get the rest from Jerry later. On the way home Jerry called me and I had to convince him that I hadn't just made off with his twenty dollars - quite an awkward situation.

I really enjoyed the show last night, very funny and original, though I think it would have been better to see it with the original actors, instead of having Australians putting on phoney American accents, but it was good nonetheless. The actor playing Bialystock, I thought could have done a better job though. I overheard an old couple during intermission calling him a "bastard" for overdoing it. I mentioned to Jerry that they should have persuaded Larry David to come down and take on the part, but I have a suspicion that he wouldn't do it in a million years. Bert Newton won the most applause at the end of the night, however I suspect it was only due to his notoriety from Good Morning Australia. Overall it was an excellent night, though by the end of it I was quite exhausted and collapsed into bed afterwards without posting.

Leo and Max, back on their tracks


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