Friday, April 08, 2005

Mouse in the House

Tired from my efforts of the night before setting up SuSE Linux, I awoke this morning and was readying myself to go out, when I heard a rustling from the plastic bag of chips, popcorn and various other snacks on the kitchen floor. Through the semitransparent plastic, I saw the dark shape of a tiny mouse, which I had first seen from the corner of my eye, late one night, scampering across the floor about a month ago.

I had once almost caught him one night, in the box next to the fridge. Turning on the kitchen light, I saw him, sitting there startled, and looking up at me while I just stopped and stared right back for a second or two, wondering what he might be thinking. As soon as I advanced however, he must have regained his wits, jumping right up out of the box and bolting behind the fridge.

There was no escape for him this morning however. I grabbed the plastic bag, sealing him inside and went to look for something I could put him in. He was very fast and I knew that if I opened the bag just a little that he would quickly attempt an escape, so I got a plastic container along with a little box and headed to the bath tub. Opening it just the slightest bit, he darted from the bag to freedom, though luckily the bath tub walls were much too smooth a surface for his clawed feet to grasp and eventually he found a dark hiding spot within the box I'd placed in there.

I'll most likely let him go outside tomorrow, but just wanted to keep the cute little scamp for a bit. He's currently busy eating a bit of popcorn I put in his container earlier.

The mouse


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww, they look so cute and nose twitchy when they arn't eating food and defacating in cupboards ;)

4/09/2005 04:01:00 pm  

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