Thursday, April 07, 2005

Red Caps and Speedos

"In twelve years, the baby will be eleven and a half." --Jane, The Life Aquatic

Probably a film I'll have to see again to explore its deeper subtleties, to dive into the depths of its... ok, ok enough of that. I had my doubts about this movie, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, not knowing really what to make of it at first. Its quirky style and dry humour seemed to catch me a little off guard, though after recognising the intentionality behind its skewed reality, the film became progressively more enjoyable and I was able to appreciate its silliness. By the time the movie’s end credits were rolling, there was that certain feeling where I'm not quite clear exactly why, but I just know I liked it.

It's the little details, the small idiosyncrasies that make the film, red caps and speedos, the absurd animated sea creatures, the appalling treatment of the interns, and the fact that everyone gets a Glock. No one could have played Zissou like Bill Murray and I was impressed with Cate Blanchett's performance as well and although not a huge Owen Wilson fan, I felt a kind of strange empathy for his character and the emotions of his situation.

When I was a kid, around eleven and a half, I used to love watching those nature documentaries they're always showing on the ABC and I remember always having aspirations to one day make one of my own while exploring the vast unknown somewhere. As a child your future is almost infinite, though it slowly fades with age as possibility gives way to reality. There's still time yet.

"Do you think it remembers me?"


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