Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Electrical Dependence

Happily working away on the computer today, creating the new website design for work, I was suddenly shocked to see the screen go black. I knew straight away that I had lost what I had been working on - which wasn't too much as it happens. The familiar click and whirring sound of hard drives spinning down was followed by the expected murmur heard around the office that the electricity had gone.

I waited for a while, asking around as others were as to what the problem might be, trying to ascertain what small jobs existed that could be done without the need of a well flowing stream of electrons. The list was rather short, so I went to lunch.

Upon my return, I found there still was no power and the remainder of the afternoon I mostly spent sticking mailing labels onto envelopes, while men from the electric company ran up and down, trying to get us reconnected.

Electrical cunning, so ingenious, bends us to its wishes.

Fun with lightning


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