Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Eye Spy

The Australian Big Brother has just started again for its fifth season. I've not been watching at all, but it's amazing just how much information about it seems to seep through the gaps from news headlines, the radio and just general discussions with others.

I'd seen My Little Eye there at the video shop before, but the whole reality tv thing kind of turned me off. This time however I thought I might give it a try. I wanted to watch it after midnight, an attempt to get the full effect I suppose. Sometimes I envy those who can get really afraid by a movie. Involuntarily desensitised I guess.

Early primary school days watching my first horror films at a friend's place on sleepovers, my initial fears were those of the unknown, irrational speculation, not wanting to know why others were afraid to watch, yet at the same time wondering why then so many "scary" movies were made.

Genuine fear at times it seems is a starved emotion outside the theatres, the world of bland reality. This primal instinct, no longer needed to ward us from danger, is now fed by other sources.

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