Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Life, the Universe and Everything

I was at QUT for second year arts; a walk to my bus stop in the city with a girl from media studies was where I first heard of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book, which she couldn't believe I'd never read before. I've just started reading it again tonight. I'm not sure why its existence had eluded me for so long.

It was a conscious decision, a safeguard to disappointment I guess, not to expect too much from the film, but somewhere in the subconscious I think there is always a small, hidden hope that a movie based on an admired prior source, will surpass its predecessors. This doesn't happen too often, and although I enjoyed The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film for a laugh and was impressed with what they were able to fit in to the feature film format, I don't believe it quite happened this time either.

The amount of useless, trivial information stored in the mind is incredible, picked up from various friends along the way to the ultimate bus stop. Human memory unfortunately is quite unreliable, a shaky residence for an idea or thought, one that could be scheduled for destruction without notice at any time. Ideas must be well adapted for survival.

I wonder what answer you would get if you added together all the thoughts and information from every sentient being in the universe - even dolphins and mice - and just let some super-intelligent computer system ponder it all over for a million or so years. Perhaps it's happening already, as we sit here on the brink of panic.

Don't panic


Blogger Jenni said...

yay! I just started reading it so I can watch the movie (which just came out) and compare. :)

5/09/2005 09:42:00 am  
Blogger Joshua said...

Good to see that it's out in the US around the same time as here. Usually there's like at least a few months delay :)

Hope you enjoy the book!

5/09/2005 05:37:00 pm  

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