Friday, May 13, 2005

Ode to be a Pigeon or: Miscellaneous Late Night Drivel

Filming interviews for The St Vincent de Paul Society this morning in South Brisbane. A bleak day for it, briskly walking through the steady trickle of raindrops with my recording gear, not knowing exactly where I was headed.

It began to come down a touch heavier and I ducked into just about tiniest coffee shop I'd ever seen, just for a second, to find out at least if I was going in the right direction or not. It felt really crowded in there, even though it was just me and this rather hefty shopkeeper, so I didn't stay for long. There was also a very large black and white painting of a naked woman lying on her back that seemed to crowd the place even more.

I eventually found the right building, not too dampened by the wet. Shooting the interviews between tea and sandwiches, a lot of talk about helping the homeless, people less fortunate and everything and also the cultivation the catholic traditions of the organisation, but certainly not discriminating against others. Just for a second, I perceived a certain unexplainable absurdity in the air, but it soon passed.

By the time shooting was over, the rain had stopped and on the way back, I bought a Coke from the cramped little coffee shop from before - kind of a thanks I guess - and headed across the bridge into the city, passing a few people along the way with cardboard signs and some selling The Big Issue, before shopping for a bit and bumping into a friend who'd just joined a girls only gym.

Reading Nineteen Eighty-Four in King George Square over a late lunch, people hurriedly walking past, going this way and that, I noticed a small group of pigeons sitting serenely on the grass in the afternoon sun, absolutely unaware of the world at large and all the troubles that plague humanity.

King George Square pigeons


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