Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Using The Force

I almost didn't go along to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, that frustrated with the video camera not playing back today's shots I was. It was imperative that the footage be transferred to dvd and after I thought that I may have lost it forever, I could feel my anger almost take hold, drawing me to the dark side. That would be a bad thing; fear, anger, hate, suffering and all that.

My faith in the Star Wars Saga of late has virtually all been destroyed, struck down by the glowing red lightsabers of episodes one & two and reabsorbed into the force, so I wasn't really expecting anything extraordinary from - seemingly over the hill - George Lucas this time around. I'm still half waiting for him to say that it's all been one big practical joke and to bring out the real films.

Surprisingly, its release last week didn't even come to my attention until I read some comments about it on usenet, and then it dawned on me: that was why all those people were dressed up like Jedi, Wednesday night in the city. A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I was one of those people waiting in line at the midnight screenings - never quite made it to costume though.

On the way back from the movie I joked half-heartedly about perhaps "using the force" to get my MiniDV tape working. We arrived home and I hesitantly tried it once more, with the same problem as before, the playback all distorted. I searched my feelings, and knew straight away what had to be done. With a swift gesture of the hand - perhaps striking the side of the camera just a little - it was incredible to see that it had worked, the picture was playing fine.

Padme Skywalker


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