Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fade In-Out & Away

"When I was young I thought I had my own key; I knew exactly what I wanted to be. Now I'm sure, you've boarded up every door." --Oasis, Fade Away

Almost thought of letting another postfree day fade away, nothing much to say really. I've been working lots, while I can, before my return to university next month and another substantial student loan to avoid paying off until some far off future. I think back to a time unknown to me, some strange distant past where university education was free in this country. Long gone are those fairytale days.

Television, movies, music, video games, and various books somehow seem to steal away the far too little remaining hours that were once planned to be spent in a much more constructive fashion. Tonight I was somehow persuaded into The Valley for a few games off pool; fun for a bit, but just another excuse to get away.

Fading in-out, time stretches away, while we're living.

The dreams we have as children


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