Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Natural Selection from a Higher Power i.e. Me

Yesterday to my surprise, while feeding my guppies, I saw swimming about the waters a number of tiny babies, who had most likely just been born not long before by one of the females who now seems rather thin in comparison with the other two. The single male appears as happy as ever. Unlike goldfish, which spawn first by the female laying hundreds of eggs and the male fertilising them afterwards, guppies produce only a few live young.

I didn't expect they'd be as big as they were, but it's probably a good thing they were at least bigger than the mouths of the older guppies. The times before when our goldfish attempted reproduction, most of the eggs and babies were eaten by their parents before we had the chance to separate them.

At the pet store a little while ago, I selected the best looking fish according to my aesthetic values - the most colourful, the healthiest looking, the ones with the longest tails. It is very highly likely that these agreeable traits will have been inherited by this new generation. Of those that survive to maturity, I will again single out only the best of those to mate.

Phase one of my masterplan, the creation of a new species of superguppy is now complete...

Small fry


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