Monday, June 20, 2005

The Same Old New Beginnings

"Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." --Alfred, Batman Begins.

Down count the little remaining hours of the twenty-second year of my temporal existence. Tomorrow is just another day for all but me and the one in three hundred and sixty-five others, out of billions. I almost forgot to ask for the day off.

Midwinter for those below the equator, the shortest day of the year. Night stretches on however, time enough to reexamine the same old questions that seem always to emerge from the shadows in times of passing.

Yesterday after practice, we went to see Batman Begins, which I found quite enjoyable for what it was. It's been so long since I've seen any of the other Batman movies that I have hardly a reference for comparison. Perhaps that's a good thing.

In the large bushland area behind the old high school oval lives a colony of fruit bats. They've been there ever since I can remember. Each night as the sun begins to fall, igniting the sky a bright orange, the hundreds of dark silhouettes can be seen gliding over the northern suburbs as the bats take flight. Their perpetual search, each night a new beginning.

Up in the sky


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