Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sorry, Wrong Mountain

Yesterday was the second of our proposed monthly barbeque get togethers, which surprisingly enough have, in both cases, turned out to be somewhat better than I'd expected, despite the odd little hiccup along the way. In yesterday's case it was the small issue of driving up the wrong mountain.

Jolly's Lookout was where we were supposed to meet at eleven. I didn't exactly know where that was, though they said it was on Mount Glorious, so I figured I'd just make my way up the mountain and look for a sign marking the turnoff. A long and winding drive up was followed by a long and winding drive down and then back up again, with no sign in sight. Stopped at the summit, I gave them a call. Silly me for taking the Mount Glorious turnoff instead of the one for the next mountain over. Great view though.

I eventually found them however and after enjoying what lunch the birds didn't steal, we contemplated going on a brief bushwalk, though it seemed the only trails were back on the mountain I'd just come from.

Reaching the end of the Greene's Falls trail we saw what at certain times is most likely an impressively flowing waterfall, though the only present evidence of that was a tiny trickling of water down the steep, black rocks. A few of the more adventurous of us decided it might be a laugh to climb down the rocky falls to the bottom. The slightest slip or wrong footing may very well have resulted in a terrible fall and though those watching safely from above may not have thought so, it all somehow seemed worth it.

The view from the top


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