Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Who Is This Doctor Anyway?

How much of the things you see as a kid becomes what you are today? Doctor Who never really made much headway into much of my life growing up, as it seemed to have for a few others I've met. I find it interesting, the shows people choose, the people shows choose in their lives, the influences each has for the other.

Talk of the new Doctor Who arose between the two British girls at work a little while ago. I'd heard a little about it from somewhere or other and had thought about maybe checking it out, so I asked when it was on. 'Saturday night, seven thirty, ABC', was the simultaneous response I received, almost as though I should already have known.

The first Saturday slipped by; I'd missed it, being out at the time, though I promised I'd catch the next one. Managed to record it this time around, Episode Six, Dalek, in which The Doctor comes to find the last survivor of his old enemies, the Daleks, trapped in a collector's basement on earth. I was surprised, somewhat pleasantly, that the style of shooting remained rather like the few old Doctor Who episodes I'd seen.

I'd heard about a number of the very old Doctor Who's becoming lost, the originals being taped over by the BBC as was usual procedure in those days apparently. Although a few of these have been recovered, it seems that some may be gone forever, relegated to sketchy and impermanent human memory.

Are patterns on magnetic tape so much better? Over enough time is not everything forgotten? Perhaps The Doctor may one day drop by our quaint, little dimension, travel back in his tardis phone booth and salvage his own stories.



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