Sunday, July 17, 2005


Watching the rolling credits float along on their hopeful journey, just to be seen, to be noticed through the shroud of the world's ever closing curtain, it can sometimes seem staggering, the amount of people who have attributed their time to the creation of these monumental productions. The Hollywood film towering above like some colossal giant, their every need taken care of from California cradle to their weeks spent travelling to all corners of the globe.

They have their time to shine for a few brief moments, burning so bright like supernovas on the sparkling silver screen, but inevitably - all too soon for some - their flame slowly dwindles, fading away onto little plastic disks and magnetic tape, until eventually becoming virtually extinguished over the airwaves of late night television.

Sin City, Team America: World Police and Bewitched, three completely different Hollywood films I've just recently seen, but is each really so unlike the next? Theirs is a relatively new and fragile species. Although so mutable, with Hollywood still as their primary breeding ground, too much deviation could mean a much slimmer chance of survival.

Sex, guns, car chases, characters learning profound life lessons, or growing, or coming to like each other, or overcoming obstacles to succeed in the end. Life's not like that, but hey, that's what Hollywood's for.

Little Nancy all grown up - and filled out


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