Sunday, July 10, 2005

I Was The Little Walrus

"Well here's another clue for you all. The walrus was Paul." --Glass Onion, The Beatles

From a time I'd long forgotten, the fuzzy tape recording of me being a little walrus, jumping up and down on my old, squeaky bed, running through audio cables to my computer, is replicated once more, now surviving in digital form. Always makes me laugh, taking me back, opening the stained glass window, looking through to the me that once was.

In my early years growing up, I remember there was this little tape recorder, in built microphone and everything, that I was quite fond of, making all kinds of silly recordings on it. This particular one was a tape Mum and I were making for Nan's birthday and for some reason I had it in my two and a half year old head that I wanted to play at being a bouncing walrus for the whole time recording.

I think of all the memories lost, as this one would most likely have been had the tape not survived, tucked away in the back of an old drawer for so many years. I wonder what happens to that little walrus in us all as we outgrow our whimsical fantasies. I am he, as you are he.

Goo goo g'joob


Blogger ~Melissa~ said...

I'm debating in my mind if our childhood years are the best...
~Beautifully put~

7/12/2005 01:48:00 am  

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