Friday, July 15, 2005

Idle Distraction

"I looked up and I saw they sky... and I realised what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been." --Biff, Death of a Salesman

Took a walk across the bridge to Southbank yesterday, prior to my orientation at QUT to the masters degree that promises to fill much of my time in the many months to come. This combined with work and everything else, I'm concerned my opportunities for blogging may become greatly decreased. Until it was time to cross over again, back to reality, I lay, looking up to the sky, reading Death of a Salesman on the soft grass of the hill.

It was all the usual, the way you could imagine it, a few thrown together introductions from the faculty and various uninteresting handouts. The best part was when they put on the rather poorly produced fire safety video, quite a laugh. Looking around the room, almost everyone seemed so much older than me, so certain of their intentions, their paths to the perfect career of suffering fifty weeks a year for those vacant two weeks away.

At times my indecision hits home, kind of gets me down, all this idle distraction. Never being the one to plan for the life of a salesman or similar; I try to look to the sky, hoping for truth behind the clouds.

From the footbridge over the Brisbane river


Blogger Stormwind said...

Beautiful photograph, and wistful thoughts I can relate to... despite my age.

7/15/2005 07:02:00 am  
Blogger Storm Trooper said...


7/15/2005 07:42:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tranquil.. at peace.. what a place for thoughts.. When I see the clouds opening up to let beams of sunlight through, I sometimes think I am being given a chance to right a wrong..

7/28/2005 12:12:00 pm  

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