Monday, July 25, 2005

In Memory

The last of my adult pet guppies - the colourful male - is most definitely on his last legs, or fins would be more fitting, swimming rather sluggishly around the bottom of the tank, while his many children dart around above, happily playing, unaware of the inevitable fate of their father. I would say he has led a good and fulfilling life, for a fish anyway and will be remembered, by me at least.

On Saturday, the annual memorial service was held at Karuna for the families and loved ones of those we've cared for in their final days. It's the first I've been to for the time I've been working there and I was surprised by the emotion present in the air as personal stories of life and loss were voiced around the room.

Here in our fishtank, resilient memories playing upon emotion, seek a final resting place in the hearts of others.

Remember me to those left behind


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