Friday, July 29, 2005

Islands in the Sky

The Island of the film and the desire to go there is created out of thin air in the minds of the people using moving pictures on the big screens on all the walls and in the elevators. The Island of the real world and the creation of desire to go and see it is not so dissimilar, with its many large posters and exhilarating trailers, teasing the senses, though I think any chance to see Scarlett Johansson again is good enough reason for me :)

For most, there is the daily routine to be diligently followed, never a question as to why. Most days curiosity is conspicuously constrained, with no desire to know the truth about the red and blue tubes and where they lead to. We accept the world as it is presented - the giant, all enclosing hologram - so long as any contradiction to the illusion is dealt with swiftly, content with the eventual promise of release to our island of dreams.

Floating on high somewhere in the far reaches of the mind is that island, pieced together from a few fragments of information it resides, a picture of perfection. Can such a place ever truly exist outside the ever-hopeful imagination? Human curiosity; obtain the unobtainable.

You have been chosen - run for your life!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dissagree.. I don’t think the daily routine is left without question. I think so many people are so desperate to know some things that accepting what you cannot change is the only way to get from one day to the next. No-one seems to have time to answer the deliberations of others and it seems no-one can be bothered to know about the next persons greif. I guess this also, is a coping mechanism. And as for the being release to the island of our dreams – a myth..

But I do aree with human curriosity.. it’s natural to want the things you’re told you can never have.

7/29/2005 02:13:00 pm  

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