Friday, July 01, 2005

Up In The Sky

"Hey you, up in the sky, learning to fly; tell me how high, do you think you'll go, before you start falling?" --Oasis, Definitely Maybe

When I was younger, the world in my hands, spinning the old globe around on its little stand in my room, I always dreamed of being able to look really close and magnify the different cities to see the multitude of minute details and everything going on in the world. It seems Google has brought me one step closer to that dream.

When I first used Google's newly acquired Keyhole software a few months ago, I was impressed by its potential capabilities, but a little disappointed to see a large, brown, out of focus blob where my city, Brisbane should have been. Though it seems Google has been quite busy with its Google Earth project, just released in beta.

It's a strange kind of otherworldly experience to be hovering over your old neighbourhood. Seeing everything from a different perspective, the landscape from high above, places familiar can seem so strange from the longview.

Still a while away from realtime, but perhaps I can stand outside and wave next time the satellite passes overhead.

My place from space


Blogger Stormwind said...

Your's is not the first I have seen posting a clip/shot/location (where is the word I want?? ahrghhhh.. brain cramp!). I want to see everyone's neighborhood and childhood homes. I've seen some even better use looking at de-foresting and pollution, but I'm not ready to be that constructive with it, yet.

I tried Keyhole months ago and then downloaded the new program in the past few days. It's fun zooming all over and marking places like the place I grew up, home now, friends in other countries, and so on. I also used it to scope out various places in the foothills here- beyond homes and communities.

Did you take a read through the legal mumbo jumbo??? I was confused when I was finished. I understood that they were trying to prevent commercial use, but the way it was worded I am not sure if personal blogs were included in the restrictions or not... though obviously they allow emailing sections (which would be more than single personal computer use wouldn't it?). It would be nice to see some clarification of the use in personal blog post, but I don't think I will ask them.. When I get brave enough I might post a shot of the place I grew up. ;-)

7/03/2005 01:26:00 pm  
Blogger Joshua said...

hmm, I really should start reading those legal information thingies :P

Not the most captivating of reads, but I'd hate to sign my soul over to Google... they might index it.

7/05/2005 04:41:00 pm  

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