Monday, July 04, 2005

World of Possibilities

"But that's what we humans do Ed, you know, we plan it all out and then life just does whatever it wants." --Molly Hudson, Ed, The World of Possibility

An unintentionally busy weekend, this one, medieval tournaments, barbeques, parties, and rock 'n' roll dancing, finding myself caught up in the flow of the surrounding social current and carried away downstream somewhere. Now as the new work week again draws nearer, I imagine the almost infinite forks in the river that I've slowly drifted past and wonder, should I somehow procure an effective paddle, if I would endeavour to steer my way upon a different course against some future tide.

Roger Federer has just won Wimbledon for the third time in a row, defeating Andy Roddick in three sets. You see, my dream of one day playing at Wimbledon died a long time ago, about the time it occurred to me that I wasn't at all especially good at tennis. Growing up can sometimes seem a gradual realisation of what will never be, rather than the wonder of what could be that it should.

When you're young, the possibilities of the world fill your head and aspirations grow in abundance; you embrace fantasy as reality and gaze ahead to the future's great ocean in which anything can be. The paths we take while flowing to the sea, connect and intertwine; yesterday's world of possibility, masked by the seemingly impossible.

Ed: Imagine being back in high school looking at one of those crystal balls and seeing that one day, Ed Stevens would be kissing Carol Vessey. What would you have said?
Mike: Faulty Ball.
Ed: Exactly.

Medieval outback jousting


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