Monday, August 22, 2005

(A Different Way) Home to You

Typically it's the same each day after work, the short walk home along Lutwyche Road, cars speeding past, hundreds of them, other lives passing me by on their way to wherever. From time to time you notice, for the briefest of moments, eye contact from a few sidewards glances, the most arbitrary of human connection, most likely never to be seen again. And then there are the regulars; all the usual extras are there, like that girl in sneakers always hurriedly on her way up the street in the opposite direction or the old guy, eternally waiting for a bus that never comes, sitting across the road, and all the familiar faces closing their places of business for another day.

This afternoon however, for no apparent reason at all, I made a departure from my usual direct route home, taking the long road down to the park by the river and followed the bicycle track around to my block. Walking the scenic tour afforded the opportunity to reflect on the consequences of slight deviations and the chaotic nature of the teetering present and its approaching future. How might it all have turned out if I hadn't have embarked upon a different way home? It is quite certain that these same words would not have been. How might right now be, if each minuscule detail, every aspect of the past, not been exactly as it was?

In seven days, friends of mine Nathan and Kirsty are to be married; also Meg, a dear friend I've known since pre-school, is going away to Germany, both major life decisions, no doubt greatly altering their future histories - while I'm here splitting hairs - I wish them the very best. In seven days it will also mark a full three hundred and sixty-five days since I began this crazy blogging pursuit. Who could have predicted the year would turn out like it has, from the myriad branching pathways reaching skyward; that I would make it this far? In seven days, I will have a final decision to make, and will most likely resolve to take a much needed break; try a different way home, and see where it takes me.

Branching Chaos


Blogger Nathan said...

Well firstly I would like to thankyou for the kind words of the wedding. Life brings and takes from you everyday maybe not noticable at first glace but true enough it does. Just a little interaction that usally doesn't happen in normal days can change the way are in the future. But the main thing about life is you can go for the ride or sit down and fight it.

8/23/2005 04:35:00 pm  

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