Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ekka Wednesday Walk

It was a public holiday today for the Queensland Royal Show or 'Ekka' as it is more commonly known. Ten days of overpriced rides, giant cheap-made stuffed animals from rigged sideshows, about a million different showbags filled with nothing but rubbish and crowds that provide the ideal breeding ground for the famous Ekka flu. Can be quite fun though; pleasant memories from childhood days.

Half-contemplating perhaps going along for the day - it is just up the road after all - to meet up with few friends who would definitely be there, but in the end, for some reason, that didn't eventuate. Instead, after sleeping in quite late anyway, I decided I would just spend a relaxing day at home, avoid the big crowd and maybe think about going later in the week.

Went for a walk late this afternoon, around the corner and up the street to a clearing by one of the creeks that flow to the Brisbane river. I first noticed this little area while looking around the place on Google Earth, realising just how little of the surrounding neighbourhood I really knew. Jumped the railway tracks, sat by the waters edge to write for a while, then just kept on exploring on my lazy Ekka Wednesday walk, on a loop back home.

The way back down Lutwyche Road


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