Sunday, August 14, 2005

Empire of Dreams

"You launch into the second act, in which everything goes to hell, and that's usually the best act in a play." -- Laurence Kasdan, writer for Star Wars

Couldn't sleep last night for some strange reason - the same each night it seems - up until early hours this morning halfheartedly attempting to write, but not really getting very far, so decided I'd leave it for the night. I put on the Star Wars Trilogy special features disk to watch the Empire of Dreams documentary, while continuing to stumble around the net in search of various somethings and nothings in particular, a new hope that increased input may eventually inspire an increase in output. Could anything ever be that simple?

Surprisingly, what almost appeared to carry the greatest inspirational weight for me that night just happened to be the quaint photo of George Lucas and Mark Hamill shooting on Tatooine - the very first scenes shot, before Lucas even dreamed that Star Wars would become what it became - standing out on the back cover of the dvd, seeming just a little unreal - plagued by unplanned weather conditions and countless technical problems - as the two gaze apprehensively into an unknown future.

Watching The Empire Strikes Back today, my personal favourite of the three originals, it sometimes seems I'm in the second act of my own ghastly play. The propagation of dreams, building an empire in the mind.

Lucas Skywalker


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